Happy New Year everyone!

What do you do on a Saturday evening when you’re home and slightly bored? Simple, you see what is the first website that pops up in your omnibox (address bar) for each letter from the alphabet. So here’s the magic explained: A – annualreport.iicd.org – IICD’s Annual Report for 2011 B – barburas.com – A bit narcissistic, […]

It’s that time again when every 2-3 years when Microsoft announces a new version of Office. Yeterday (July 16, 2012), Microsoft announced the fifteenth version of its flagship software, Office 2013. As an early adopter, of course I installed and I have to say that I am impressed of how the installation process goes. At […]

After waiting for less than 24 hours to get Jelly Bean, I finally got it last night. 144 MB and one cigarette later, my Galaxy Nexus was finally running the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean, 4.1.1. One of the improvements that was “extremely” visible, was the way my phone was responding. Extremely fast, extremely […]

I have to say that Channel Orange is a definite trip, combining great music with story-telling lyrics. It’s great album to listen to starting with “Start” and ending with “End”. Channel Orange reminds me of The Weeknd; they also have a story to tell. You should get Channel Orange and listen to Frank Ocean’s story. […]

It’s finally here.. A bit narcissistic, but everything about me in one place; my blog, my DJ website, my portfolio.. Best part, old links still work redirecting you to this shiny new website. The front page is color based, but I’ll let you discover that on your own. Let me know what you think and […]

In case you missed it, here’s my first article for Jimmy Woo. So here we are, almost a year after Google Plus was launched; the confusion is still there; is it Google Plus or Google+? I haven’t been using Google+ as much as I would want to. I could not point out the main reason, […]

A lot of talk in the news about finding different ways (mostly cease and desist, jail time and huge fines) for fighting online piracy. So the question remains the same; what can be done to fix this problem in such a way that everybody will be happy, especially copyright holders? So here’s a crazy idea: […]

If you are thankful for what you have, show your appreciation to the universe by helping or trying to help others less fortunate. By making use of mobile phones and a special mobile application, semi-literate Community Health Workers can conduct malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment in a more efficient and cost-effective way, serving more people […]

As of today I am working in The Hague area for IICD (International Institute for Communication and Development). My position is officially called CRSO, short for Community Relations Services Officer, and I will be handling many technical aspects. The people are amazing, energetic and dynamic. It’s been a pleasure to visit the office in the […]

As of today, I am offering consultancy & support for: SEO & SEM introduction to new customers Creation of new AdWords accounts Existing AdWords account optimization Keyword Optimization Ad Text Optimization Bidding Strategy Performance tracking Correct targeting Budgeting and Strategic Budgeting Multiple Accounts Administration Free coupons Also available for one day presentations about Google AdWords […]

A lot of time passed since I last wrote on this blog; since I last wrote anything, for that matter. A lot of water under the bridge… Here I am, back to Amsterdam after 8 months of being away in Norway. The strange thing though is that I feel like only a few days passed since […]

I now have a profile on about.me, which is a custom profile & personal analytics dashboard. Check it out about.me/andrei.barburas, and connect with me.

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