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We are made in The Hague.
Founded in 2015 in The Netherlands and active globally, BARBURAS offers tailored solutions for SOHOs and SMEs.
In addition to cyber security consultancies, BARBURAS offers a wide range of technical capabilities.
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We listen, we brainstorm, we model.
Because you are curious and so are we.
Cyber Security Consultancy
We offer a wide range of consultancy services in Cyber Security and Counter Cyber Terrorism.
Including cyber homeland security, infrastructure, policies, assessments and personal cyber security.
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We organize seminars and workshops revolving Social Engineering and Cyber Security within different organizations.
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Cyber Hotline
Ask us anything about your personal cyber security in a message.
Try it now on Whatsapp | +31 702210659.
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Cyber Security AMA on Clarity
I will answer any questions you might have about Cyber Security and especially your personal cyber protection.
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WordPress Management
Complete and headacheless WordPress management and administration, starting at €9.99/month.
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Android Apps
We also released a few simple but useful Android™ apps.
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We are on Slack
Our public space for discussions, debates and AMAs.
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