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We are made in The Hague.

Founded in 2015 in The Netherlands and active globally, BARBURAS offers tailored solutions for SOHOs and SMEs. In addition to cyber security consultancies, BARBURAS offers a wide range of technical capabilities.

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We listen, we brainstorm, we model.
Because you are curious and so are we.


We offer a wide range of consultancy services in Cyber Security. Including infrastructure, policies and assessments.


We organize seminars and workshops revolving Social Engineering and Cyber Security within different organizations.

WordPress Management

Headacheless WordPress management and administration. Are you ready for not having dashboards?

Public events

Occassionally we present in public settings.
Unit 2213
Our playground.

Cyber Hotline

Ask us anything about your personal cyber security in a message.

Wordpress Apps

Every once in a while we develop something interesting for Wordpress.

Android Apps

We also released a few simple but useful Android™ apps.

Slack channels

Our public space for discussions, debates and AMAs.