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Our story.

Technologists want to see how something runs. Security people want to see how something breaks.

We are curious to see both...

Information sharing and knowledge development have been quintessential in making and recording history and probably our best assets as human beings in evolving throughout the ages. It is information and knowledge that will take us into the far reaches of our existence and survival.

While the result of applying data processing to data, gives it context and meaning, inherently we always want more data and information. But, as modern societies verge on information overload, we especially need better ways to find patterns and techniques to make associations in regard to the data we are being fed.

Applying these theories to cyber security, it is very simple and logical to conclude that we are overloaded with information regarding our online presences, both personal and business. We spend the majority of our time online (time statistics are irrelevant; think about how much time you, the reader, spend in front of a screen). Arguably, we do not pay attention entirely to the things that we do when online; whether browsing the internet, checking out what our friends are doing or simply taking care of business.

There are a lot of portals and institutions that offer long training sessions, courses, FAQs, yet the majority of those sessions are ineffective and inefficient especially if they take a lot of time. The information that is being taught changes several times over the time span between two of these internal training sessions and also in terms of cost per employee, they can become very expensive with very little return on investment in terms of knowledge gained. Not only that, but the disruptive process of taking employees away from their work stations can be proven as challenging.

The majority of us are aware and know the meaning of terms like “Espionage”, “Crime”, “Activism” and “Intelligence”, but what is the difference when you add the word Cyber in front of them? How can you be aware of these activities?

According to some recent studies, on an average day at an enterprise organization, there is at least one person that accesses a malicious website every 24 seconds. Add ten seconds to that and every 34 seconds, an unknown malware is downloaded. Furthermore, every 6 minutes a known malware is downloaded and roughly every half an hour sensitive information is sent outside the organization.

So what do we do when we are bombarded with vast amounts of “Don’ts” that in some cases we do not even understand what they mean, let alone their implications in our day to day activities and consequences to our online activities.

As much as other organizations or solutions providers would like to have a solution that fits all environments and all issues, we reached the conclusion that that is simply not possible. We strongly believe that customized solutions are the way to go when it comes to information sharing and knowledge building.

That is the reason why we came up with an array of products and services that complement each other in terms of introduction, usability and efficiency. While these solutions can work separately in any environment, the added value of using them together can bring significant changes within organizations.


We offer a wide range of consultancy services in Cyber Security. Including infrastructure, policies and assessments.


We organize seminars and workshops revolving Social Engineering and Cyber Security within different organizations.

Public events

Occassionally we present in public settings.