Welcome to Barburas.

Our main focus is to remove unnecessary headaches and letting you focus on the things that actually matter for your business growth.

We provide a range of products and services that are tailored based on your needs. These products and services range from hosting to SSL certificates with military grade encryption to consultancy for your own IT environment.

BARBURAS is based in The Netherlands but we operate globally, targeting SOHOs and SMEs.

Social Engineering / Cyber Security seminars

We organize seminars and workshops revolving Social Engineering and Cyber Security within different organizations.

At BARBURAS we strongly believe that the attitude of employees towards Cyber Security has to change, otherwise technical investments make no sense. Behavior and human principles are as important, if not more, as technology and its developments.

As a result, these sessions were developed in order to put the focus on humans and make them understand that they are in control of their "cyber life".

We have a strong record for organizing, especially social engineering seminars, for government agencies and a wide range of organizations.


We are not selling any products in our seminars, we just give advice that anyone can follow for free. Our core concept in the seminars is that this is something you need to do, not something you need to buy.

Raise awareness by illustrating the vast amounts of identity theft, how it happens and its consequences.

Describing the new strategies and thoughts in the workplace and the ethics behind them.

How you can protect the information you have access to and avoiding scams.

Other seminar topics

  • The Human Factor
  • Malware and malicious infrastructures
  • Forensics and incident management
  • Cybercrime and the underground economy
  • Data, policy, procedure and access management
  • Privacy Compliance and Enforcement (PriCE)
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