The Cyber Hotline
Ask us anything about your personal cyber security in a message.

Introducing The Barburas Cyber Hotline

In our day to day life we are confronted with different situations where we doubt the legitimacy of an email, an attachment, a disgruntled colleague, a weirdly placed ATM and many more situations in which we would like to have an almost instantaneous second opinion.

We have been analyzing the trends and internal incidents in the past few months and we have noticed that people are usually shy or afraid to ask for a second opinion that is confidential about data security and personal security, especially when it comes to asking someone in a higher position or just asking the IT guy. Adding to that equation that we are extremely familiar with instant messaging apps, we thought that the only way we can close the knowledge gap, would be to launch a service that we are familiar and comfortable with.

Take for example these situations:

  • Did you receive an email and you're not sure if it is legitimate?
  • Did you receive an email attachment and you're not sure if you should open it?
  • Do you think that someone might be accessing your account?
  • Did you find a USB stick and you're afraid to plug it in?
  • Do you think that the ATM you are about to use might be skimmed?
  • Is it safe to keep NFC on all the time on my phone?

These are just some scenarios, but if it happens that you are in this or a similar situation, just send us a text, only via Whatsapp or Signal (SMS/MMS not supported) and we will do our best to answer your question as quickly and as accurately as possible (depending on which side of the planet you are; bear with us).

+31 70 221 0659

Even when only in doubt, send us a message (WhatsApp); it's better to be safe than sorry.


  • For the time being, the service is free of charge.
  • The service is global and internationally available but we can only help you if you write to us in English.
  • We reply to your questions as fast as we possibly can, but in some cases it might take up to 4 (four) hours to reply.
  • We do not answer to phone calls, whether regular, Whatsapp or Signal calls. Only text.
  • We do not and will not share your information with third parties; not now or ever.
  • All our communications using this service are encrypted (provider and application).
  • All messages are deleted within 30 days from last contact, without exception.

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